H.O. scale layout Scenery Tips & Tricks
Make it from paper

EZ up Tents, Roll-away Toolboxes, and Tractor interior from paper

   For adding those fine touches to your layout scenery, all you need is a computer, paper, some balsa wood, and a roll of clear packing tape.

   As most of my details are geared towards a “race track”, the given patterns here are things you’d need for a raceway. However, you are not limited… you can put ‘food’ on the picnic table, pictures on walls (actually, make the whole wall), special signs, building roof shingles or siding, etc… whatever. I’ve even made custom Tractor / Trailers for my layout using the following techniques.

   Start with a drawing or pattern. I like working in .BMP format… MS Paint. It is easier to change colors and cut & paste the finer details (like changing tool arrangements in a tool box for a different look).
   You should also have a good art program like Photo Shop (‘PS Elements’ is good and a lot cheaper than some full programs). The main reason for this is to help ‘resize’ your drawings. You can’t just shrink them; you will need to mess with the resolution to get the best product. You will need some knowledge & practice at this.

   Once your picture is resized and printed, cover the whole pic with clear packing tape. This will protect it. Depending on what you’re doing, (especially larger items, like the side of a truck or exterior walls) you can print your pic out on ‘sticker’ paper… cover with tape, cut, peal & stick.
   For small, boxy items (toolbox), cut a block of balsa wood to the size you need and glue your picture around it using Elmers glue.
Check out some of my detail items…


Tool Box

Out house

Signs - Coming soon

Other patterns

From: John Peckham / Greenbrier Raceway, N.Y.

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