Welcome to Greenbrier Raceway, home of the annual "THUNDERJET CHALLENGE".
    As the name implies, Greenbrier's Thunderjet Challenge is just that... an Aurora Thunderjet style race using 100% Box Stock T-Jets. (no after market / non-Aurora Thunder Jet 500 replacement parts are allowed)
    Being a mini-enduro, many 'enduro' style regulations are enforced... such as no lap corrections, no track calls, and all maintenance to vehicles allowed ONLY under 'Green' (driver's race time).

This race is open for trading & selling. See details at the bottom
of the the race rules page.

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Race Results

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Gentlemen, start your engines!!!
Take a touring lap around Greenbrier Raceway


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NEW !!!
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Where else would we start our tour but at the starting line

Line 'em up boys!!!

And the race is on as the first group head into turn 1

Turns 1 & 2 around the pit area

From our Goodyear Blimp, we see the "S" turn 3 as it winds between
the pits, around the pond, and past the infield garages

Another shot of Turn 3

As we leave turn 3, it's 'hammer time' down the back straight......

.....and into turn 4, heading into the 'Dog Leg'

The 'Dog Leg'... turns 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9... around the Go-kart track!!!

Turns 10 & (the lil' kicker) 11

Finally turn 12, then a quick zip buy Pit Row
to finish our tour of Greenbrier

Miscellaneous Photos

Steve Dickinson fires his "J" around turn 10

Andy Meyer as he receives his door prize
from our own Miss HOSCAR, Rachael Bonter
(please note sponsor T-shirt)

Group shot of some past racers...
Front L-R:  Paul Graziano, John Peckham, Andy Meyer
Back L-R:  Steve Dickinson, Dave Failing, Guy Graziano, Larry Weaver, Jeff Eve
(NOTE:  Robot didn't race... he just likes Jeff, and we couldn't keep them apart)

This race stuff is hard work... a little deserved 'time out' in the lounge

Another pic of the Lounge.
From Pin-ball / Video games to watching the race as it unfolds
on our big screen TV (helps
keeps track area clear for racers & marshals
 there is always something to do at Greenbrier Raceway

The Store is open. Steve Street is on hand with his 'Thunder' products

The Graziano team Lola hauler

"@%^#%^#... Always 2nd !!!"
You'll all be glad to know Steve Dickinson FINALLY won 2003 race
Congratulation, Steve!!!

Lola GT right after hitting the wall in turn 1
Just kidding... it's time for tech.

1999 TJC winner, Guy Graziano with his TJC trophy... and lucky panties?

True racers... no time to rest, it's back to the pits!!!

Race Results

(Scroll to the bottom of this page to link to complete TJC race results  / reviews )
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the success is has been over the years

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