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The Ultimate in HO Drag racing - GREENBRIER RACEWAY.
        The original MAX TRAX drag strip prototype (before Dave & Ray started selling to the public).
        This track is in standard 4' sections made in BLACK, and has a slightly higher rail height than in current production... allowing for larger type 'Drag' tires, better magnet attraction, and better shoe contact.
        Actual table size is 40' long w/ 20.625' competition area (1/64 scale 1/4 mile) with over 10' of shut-down area. The table is 3'- 4' wide to accommodate the driver controlled return lanes.
        Track timing / operation is done with a modified version of Trackmate's 'Drag Pro' 2000  (installed Feb. 2013)
This system features

(1) Actual working pre-stage & stage lights (for realism, all cars must stage under their own power)
(2) Full feature racing format(s) (ET, Index, Bracket)
(3) Custom built fully operational Tree (Pro / Full, bracket 'split')  This custom tree is an actual 'to-scale' X-mas tree
      located at the proper place ON the track
(4) All times read to 0.0001 sec.
(5) Actual or scale MPH
(6) Green blinking win light on tree (shows the actual winner after system calculates for ETs, Break-outs, Red lights,
      Index, and/or any combination in between)
        Additional / proposed features will include fully detailed 'sights & sounds' for added realism.
(1) Highly detailed scenery, including a fold-down backdrop (will double as pit space for regular club
      racing)  DONE
(2) Coordinated tree / sound system. Stereo system giving that ROAR as the tree turns 'green'
      (speaker over driver station) switching to the rumble of racers shutting down (speaker at the
      finish end of track)
(3) Emergency / push vehicles for each lane (US Trucking 'spur' track type set-up... flip a switch and
      your "Tow Truck" goes to get your stalled car)  DONE
(4) Proposed 'smoke' cannons (from train locomotives) under the starting line for that 'burn-out'
      look (well, we have been known to do some crazy stuff... we'll see)
        For a quick glimpse, here is a brief photo section:
Update 12/6/00
Greenbrier Raceway's drag strip in the works
1 .....2
                                                                                                                          \/    A quick computer simulation of how things should look   \/
3 .....4
Update 12/22/00
.Checking out the new X-mas Tree. If you look REAL close (or can blow the photo up a bit)
you'll see the Blue Willys is already staged (both tree staging lights lit)
b .....c
A shot of the tower / emergency truck area
(flip a switch and your tow truck will go give your car a push)
Update 2/23/01
Compare to computer graphic from 12/6/00 above
e .....f
g .....h
A better shot of the new X-mas Tree. If you look REAL close you'll see...
1) the Red Willys is already staged (both tree staging lights lit)
2) the White Ford still needs to finish lining up (only the pre-stage light is on)
line1 .....
Some action shots of "Lil Red Wagon" vs. "Hemi Under Glass"
Both are exhibition vehicles and REALLY pull wheelies!!!
(Not shown is how the rear gate / bumper scrapes the rails...
Throwing sparks like the real cars on cement!!!)

. .gif action clip!!!
     hug_lrw2 .....

. Update 4/20/06

Dual usage track... Backdrop down, pit area for regular race night...

Backdrop up, its time for Drag racing !!!

At the end of the track (turn-around / return lane section), Rescue-1
 is ready for any mishap. Flip a switch and Rescue-1 drives from
 it's 'spur' lane (U S Trucking setup) to give a push to any
inside lane stuck car.


Additional help for both inside / outside lanes come from the tower area

A racer gets some help back to the pits. Note new hand-built grandstands in background.

New Grandstand & concession area

A little tech stuff...

As mentioned, the track system is run via Trackmate's DP2000
(visit for details)

The Trackmate system was modified for a more realistic Tree operation by adding a  3rd sensor to
Greenbrier's start line for true Pre-stage, Stage, and
real time Red Light.

Driver Control area.
Drivers stand behind the starting area and watch the track tree to compete.
This gives the Driver the proper prospective and a more realistic feel.

Each Station is fully driver controlled... including the Return and Spur (rescue vehicle) lanes.
Note: During competition, all lights should be cleared / off.
Track supplied controllers have special "tap" full power button on back. Handy to 'tap' stage your car
and may be used for actual competition.
Also, when the return lane(s) are turned off, Dynamic breaking on the (over) 10' shutdown area is engaged.


Staging lights are lit and we're ready to go !!!


Update 3/8/13

Looking much like Greenbrier's old tree, a new "to scale" X-mas tree had to be built to replace the tree supplied by Trackmate.
This new tree was custom made as a direct plug-in for the DP2000 system.
In addition, the Greenbrier tree uses WHITE lights for the pre-stage/staging lights instead
of the yellow of Trackmate.


Greenbrier's tree next to the supplied tree from Trackmate.

Greenbrier's tree - finished & installed
Tree was installed by running tree threw a 1"x 1/2" hole in track and mounting by
simply screwing buss lugs from the track's underside


View from the driver(s) station


Other Features & Additions:

The new "Burn-out / Warmup" pad. AFX roller 'starter' sections inserted to main drag track.
 Foam inserted in slot holds the car in place.
(Smoke still to come - LOL)
(Watch burnout video HERE)


Additional staging area for lining up the competition
(fold down leaf)

Detailed scenery / backdrop.
The 'parking lot' behind the Grandstand is 1 row of real slot cars w/ a photo of some of my cars in
 the back for the backdrop.


2016 saw the addition of the "Sand Trap" at the end of the drag strip at Greenbrier.
The trap is
1/2" of REAL sand and is NOT
for stopping the cars at the end (it WILL mess your car up),
but is there more for realism and "if needed"should a driver forget to switch off the return lane(s).





Video of Sand Trap test - CLICK HERE

Misc. Photos:

Haulers start to arrive At Greenbrier Raceway in the early morning sky

At the end of the track, we have the turn around / return lane area. complete with ambulance
 (US Trucking spur track w/ switch) and the 'Mercy Flight' Helicopter (real ultra-lite' RC)... just in case.

Inside race view of track / return lane video. Watch HERE

With safety always a concern, the Rescue / Tow truck area has a vehicle to help in any situation.
For example... should your car 'spark out' and not be able to return, flip a switch
and a Tow Truck will run out to give it a push back to the pits.

Cory Mac's Fram dragster pit.

"Hell On Wheels" Tank bodied Funny car







After a long day of racing, the sun starts to go down.



Watch Night Drag Race HERE

Time for a cold Pepsi !!!

As can be seen, Greenbrier Raceway's Drag Strip is not only a fully functional H.O. slot car track,
it has taken many years to simulate a real Drag Strip is every way possible. The sites, sounds, operation,
and even the SMELL (via "Dragster Burning Rubber" fragrance oil & candle) has been put in place
to give the feel that you are actually at the track.

If it doesn't FEEL REAL... it's just a TOY !!!

Greenbrier Drag Raceway

Watch Greenbrier Drag promo video HERE
Watch Wheelie and Jet Drag Racing HERE


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